Meet Annali

I am still An-folding…  “I teach what I learn, while I learn what I teach.”

Life is an on going journey, back to wholeness and finding our true Self. 

What is standing in the way of that?

In order to get there, we need to know who we are.. What we really need to be whole.. What we really really want… 

Only then will we be truly happy and at home with our Self!


Bottermakers word gevorm, nie gebore. 

Ek weet van stukkend wees en heelword, ek het beide beleef! 

Ek het ‘n heelmaak resep bymekaar geleef en deel dit graag met ander.

An-Fold helps you to ...

Live a meaningful life accessing astrology as a tool for progress. Learn how to follow your highest purpose towards a truly meaningful life!

  •  Identifying and understanding the cycles of your life to get rid of negativity, moving towards balance

  • Breaking through patterns and moulds in order to identify and reach your true purpose

  • Moving towards living a positive life in joyful fulfilment

  • Identifying and understanding the cycles of your life to live a meaningful life