2020 a Prep year!

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Prep Year… 2020

Insights by An-fold.

What a paradox…? 2020 vision and we cannot see much into the future? 

We are in a non-diary year! I have two, the one I bought for myself and the other one I received as a gift, the most beautiful astrology diary from a very special soul. Both diaries are pretty unused. I can only make my daily list in it, not much else, my workshops are all on hold etc, etc…

So, what is this weirdness? It feels as if everything is wrong…

A prep year…? A year of non-doing, non-planning and non-going, non-knowing, non-alcohol and non-a-lot-of-things. A lot of open spaces… What to do with it?

Venus is going retrograde in Gemini soon; we have the time to go back and rethink the plans we had and never got round to do it, “no time” we said! Take this time and make sure you are busy with what’s really precious and valuable to you. A time to choose again, to finish projects or to start a whole new creation.

Saturn in Aquarius in a nutshell:

I now see that we have to lay the foundation, to do the preparation for a new, different future. A time to get used to the fact that the normal that we had and wish to have again is gone, we will have a new normal and we will adapt, that is what conscious, responsible, people do.

Pluto retrograde:

The theme is surrender! If we resist the change or the ‘not knowing’, we will suffer, that is Pluto’s way.

There are no answers out there, things keep on changing, we were called back home… Home like stay in your house and also ‘home’ like in your deepest core Be-ing. The answer lies within. Breathe and allow it to happen as it happens. Do the things you can, even if it feels like it is mundane and has no meaning, do them with attention.

Start with your natal Moon:

The Moon and the sign it is in for you, on your natal chart, is how you feel emotionally safe. I see in myself and others how difficult it is not to be able to do the things that we are used to do, the non-doing creates anxiety. When you know your Moon sign and the house placement, you can take care of your emotional needs in the way that will make you feel safer. Example; I have my Moon in Gemini in the 7th house, I need to understand and talk to others, specifically my partner about my emotions. Then I feel better. Under the circumstances, not possible to fully sooth my Moon but I have made my peace with what is, with the little we do know and I try to use the time well. I have decided to read and I listen to YouTube offerings and enjoy the open space that life created for me to be able to do that.

Stay safe, stay in the moment. Lots of love.

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