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I am happy to announce that my Astrology coaching and teaching will expand to online events via Zoom. Kicking off, the last week of August.

I am going to keep the classes to maximum of 6 people to ensure enough time to attend to each person’s personal chart and questions.

There will be an informative chat on the 22nd of August via zoom, this is a free offering to explain details and content of what you will receive during the workshops. There will be time to ask questions. Please let me know by Friday lunch time, if you would like to attend so that I can send you meeting id.

Hopefully we will also be able to do the full weekend retreats when this non-diary year has settled down. That includes all the fun stuff of sitting around a table together, enjoying meals and other energetic offerings like yoga and colour therapy.

My mission is to support you in;

Accessing astrology as tool for progressing and thriving on this magical journey called LIFE.

Learn how to follow your highest purpose towards a truly meaningful LIFE!

  • Identifying and understanding the cycles of your life to get rid of negativity, moving towards balance
  • Breaking through patterns and moulds in order to identify and reach your true purpose
  • Moving towards living a positive life in joyful fulfilment

Together we will explore your natal chart, one planet per week, to access the promise, the challenges and the beauty of who you are. You will be empowered with the knowledge of your blueprint and the ‘how to’ of having the best life you can have.

Payment options:

  • First session R200 which will secure your seat for the next week. R100 per session, payable two days before following sessions, last session will then be paid by deposit of first week.
  • A discount option available, R850 if you book and pay for the 10 sessions upfront.

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