Hartsgate en stopwerk…

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Daar is ‘n bedeesde kloppie aan my rooi voordeur, eers dog ek dat ek my verbeel en ek ignoreer dit, toe is die kloppie weer daar! Ek maak die deur oop en daar staan ‘n klein siel vol ellende voor … Continued

Astrology workshops online…

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I am happy to announce that my Astrology coaching and teaching will expand to online events via Zoom. Kicking off, the last week of August. I am going to keep the classes to maximum of 6 people to ensure enough … Continued

Die Lewe se sopstorie…

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Tok-tok-tok! …hoor ek waar ek in my kombuis sit en groente kap vir ‘n heerlike sop vir vanaand. Dis ysig koud buite en wat is nou lekkerder as ‘n dik groentesop as dit so koud is? Ek staan op en … Continued

Sharing; Words from Life to me…

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Adjust your Life story regularly, especially if circumstances change and your story doesn’t support the reality any longer. Prepare for new growth by clearing space in your head and heart, get rid of old stories. Hold the space sacred, treat … Continued

When to use Astrology?

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On the question of when or how to use Astrology?   It depends on how much and how deep you want to dig, Astrology can be used for just about anything. I use it as a tool, an amazing tool … Continued

Pluto… compost!

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The picture in my mind is a monopoly board game, with all the players and little houses, hotels, money etc, and then it gets picked up and shaked. Nothing more frustrating when that happens, everything a mess, everyone upset and … Continued

Mercury retrograde in Cancer

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Mercury joined the retrograde parade on the 18th of June. We have a serious introspective, backtracking energy at the moment. Somewhere in all of it, lies a feeling of, we will finally get to go on with life. Maybe, because … Continued

Venus went under…

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Venus in the wilderness! By An-fold 4 June 2020 Venus went on her journey into the underworld on the 13th of May, it is a 40 day period of transformation. She leaves as the evening star and will emerge as … Continued

2020 a Prep year!

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Prep Year… 2020 Insights by An-fold. What a paradox…? 2020 vision and we cannot see much into the future?  We are in a non-diary year! I have two, the one I bought for myself and the other one I received … Continued

Update on Corona…

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It feels like we are all in limbo, together, but separate, caught in the now, for a universal reason. This is a time to prepare for a new normal. A time to rethink and take stock. What is real? What … Continued