Mercury retro…

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Hi Everybody!
Apologies for being quiet… Mercury is retrograde after all, 😉

We are dealing with crazy energies, buzzing, distracting.
6 planets in Aquarius, this happened last in 1962…
A lot of air, info…
decide, take the plunge, the opportunity…
but what? Where? When?
Crazy it is!!

Time to re-think.
Re-plan or re-turn…
Talk about past or make peace.

Not all the info will be good news.
We were desperate to know and get the message of what happened and where or if…
it came!
It came when Mercury was Cazimi, it’s strongest point, 17min from the Sun in Aquarius.

Astrology is a powerful tool!

Tomorrow we have a new Moon in Aquarius.
Will write about it…
If you have questions, you know where to find me.

Mars and Uranus.

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Mars and Uranus in Taurus, squaring Jupiter and Saturn;

Annali Swiegers 20 Jan 2021

Words befitting this energy would be: shocks, fight, rage, disruptions, money, values, what we own, stubbornness, earthquakes, separation, speaking truth, opportunity for change, new ways to build, consolidating, etc.

Crisis is unavoidable, our reaction to it, is under our control though.

A wise guy said: “Life is easy, people are difficult!”

The bull/Taurus and Uranus = Red flag and anger.

The breaking up of old, bad habits and patterns.

The previous time that Mars and Uranus in Taurus have been together was in 1942. So it is not an every year happening and it brings huge change.

This is a powerful energy, it will affect all of us, best thing to do would be to figure out how to dance with it to your own benefit.

What do you really want? What is your personal value system? We have supportive energy to break free from whatever does not work for us anymore. Yes, it is scary and uncertain, nothing feels stable or familiar anymore but to change means exactly that, we need to have a disruption of some sort in order to get to a place where we embrace the new.

Saturn/patterns and Jupiter/opportunity squares Mars/action and Uranus in Taurus: We are looking towards the future, building a new tomorrow and structure, step by step in the Trust that it will all work out for the best and higher good of all.

This contact is the supportive energy to break down old believes, old patterns, no longer serving us. Doing the inner work here is going to heal and set us free from burdens we do not need anymore.

Uranus is changing boundaries, renewing systems, breaking free of redundant ways!

It is so important that we inquire and use the energy to evolve, rather than express the rebellious shadow of Uranus.

Saturn is about the tribe and the rules and structures of the past. Uranus brings an energy of independence and leaning on own spine and connecting with your Source. Inspiring us to find our inner strength and realise that we are co-Creators, that we do not need to rely on the establishment to be prosperous and happy.

First new Moon of 2021

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Happy new Moon Everybody!
The 1st one of 2021.

The Sun, Moon and Pluto are conjunct/together…
It is an energy of shedding the old and rebuilding the future.
Remember on new Moon, she is completely dark for a short while, some things end.
Pluto’s energy supports us to find our personal power.
What is your strength? What or who do you rely on to build it?
Who are you becoming through all that has changed?
Use the energy well!

Mars at critical degree!

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Hey Everyone!
You might know by now that Mars stayed in Aries for 6 months. That is quite a bit longer than normal, he went retrograde and talked to the dreaded stelium… created a lot of fight and havoc.
Mars is ambition, drive, the warrior!
Aries, the baby in the zodiac.
We saw all sorts; arrogance, childish impatience… new things started and ended quickly.
…and today! We have Mars at 29°, the critical degree!
What does it mean? He expresses the shadow of all that happened, or not over 6 months.
You might have felt that today! People are irritated, out of patience and nice!
Mars was talking over his shoulder to Mercury and Pluto, harsh words can be part of the equation…
Hang in there… within hours the energy will release and we will have support to start implementing and manifest some of the ideas that we had for months. Mars is leaving Aries and entering Taurus, the sign the material world!
Fasten your seat belts, we are moving forward, maybe faster than you expect!
If you want to know how this affects you?

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