Good news, at last!

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A little Good news!!

Saturn left Capricorn after 3 years in the sign of business, authority, rewards and also the lack of such!
He taught us harsh lessons, especially in 2020.
Enforcing lockdown, responsibility and boundaries on us.

But… the energy is releasing!
The Moon was in Capricorn the last couple of days, causing stuck and ‘depro’ vibes to the extreme.
She left at 9am and entered Aquarius with Saturn.

Jupiter is still in Capricorn and at the critical 29th degree…
Social distance, opportunities are held back, travel is constricted but…

Jupiter leaves the 21st to join Saturn in Aquarius for the 1st time in 800 years! The grand conjunction!!

Sloooowly but surely… we are progressing towards a new normal.

Be safe! Stay mindful. ♏💜

Solar eclipse, intense…

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Hi Everybody!
The dominoes are falling fast now!
Although, we are still in the birth canal, it is intense… but moving forward.

We have a new Moon and South Node Solar eclipse at 23° Sagittarius.
Mercury is in the broth at 19°.
They are squaring Neptune in Pisces.
There is a trine to Mars in Aries.

Here are key notes on what all of this means;

A powerful, kick ass new beginning.
Something stays behind…
Resolution, outcome of unfolding events.
Hope, step forward only on clear spaces.
Optimism but not all you hear is truth, it might be exaggerated! Trust your inner ear… wait for confirmation.
Information leaks.
Energy leaks.
But… quantum jumps hidden in there.
Be patient! If you can? Trust that there is method in this madness. Be wise and responsible.

We are living in transformational times!
Sending 💜♏

Words from Life to me!

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Words from Love/Life to me on 13 Dec 2020;

Be here…, in this moment.

Be present.

Be Still.

Be with what you have… not to get to the next thing or moment, which never comes, because this moment is all we have or will ever have.

Be with it.., in it…,fully! Whether it is perfect or not.

Allow Life to flow through your Be-ingness and Presence in Stillness.

Be the vehicle for Creativity to make miracles happen through you.

Mars is frustrated!!

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Hi Astro People, just to let you know that there is a reason for your, maybe, frustrated feelings!
Mars is so eager to finish the job he started in September already…
…but, the stelium in Capricorn is holding him back.
What to do??
It is not clear yet.
Saturn is seriously demanding us to let go, to do the work… what??
More work?
Mars is tired of dancing the hurry up and wait dance! He wants to tantrum and be a little childish!
Hang in there…
This too shall pass…
Do what you can, trust the process, surrender to the stuff you can’t control and hold a clear space for small miracles to happen!

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