Saturn entered Aquarius.

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Saturn, the teacher, entering Aquarius.

An-fold 31 March 2020

Saturn is a slow moving planet, it takes roughly 2 and a half years to move through a sign. While travelling through a sign it brings out the best and the worst of that sign. What works and what needs to be let go of.

Saturn was conjunct Pluto in Dec 2019 and the last time early in Jan 2020. Astrologers expected huge shifts, predicted that world economy will change. That power positions will be challenged, some even predicted world war 3.

But no one expected that it will actually be a minute virus bringing the crisis/war we have now… and that was only the beginning.

I would like to add to the story of Saturn and Pluto and what we can expect.

Saturn has left Capricorn and entered Aquarius on the 22nd of March. Saturn is the planet of karma, order, discipline, fear, responsibility, consequences etc. He now entered the sign of the humanitarian, taking care of the earth, the new age we so desperately waited for.

Aquarius is also the sign of the internet, an out of the ordinary way of doing. We see how people connect and work through technology and we see how they reach out and give, help and finally, hopefully wake up!

Saturn is making a square to Uranus at the moment, the planet of shocks, independence and inventions. We can be sure that there will be breakthroughs, maybe slowly and with a lot of effort but there is the promise of such happening.

Today Mars has joined Saturn in Aquarius. That is something to be thankful for. Mars is one of the planets that triggered the pandemic. Mars being the planet of fever amongst other things. Mars now left Capricorn, entered Aquarius, joining forces with Saturn and Uranus to move on in a new way. The warrior, ambitious and in Aquarius, open minded with a world view.

Jupiter is still at the same degree as Pluto, on 24 degrees Capricorn.

Still expanding the transformational energies of the virus. Jupiter is also the healer, in the background we see people cured of the virus. Opportunities arose from the trauma. Pluto brings endings, but it carries a seed of new growth at the same time.

In Human language;

We all know that something had to give, the world was/is in trouble.

I am still amazed at the power of fear (Saturn) and how big our instinct for survival actually is. The symbolic meaning of everything is profound if you want to know.

We are but a breath away from not being here. Corona is the virus restricting exactly that. Getting us to take note, to stop, to return to ourSelves and our loved ones. To understand that we are all the same in our Essence, all busy with our physical journey and so fragile that we can be removed from this earth by a virus you cannot even see.

Pluto the planet of death and transformation, the karma we have no control over. Saturn next to him in Capricorn, this happened last time, more than 800 years ago with significant effects on the world.

And here we are… every fear has been touched. From fear of death, of loosing our loved ones, our money, job, business, health, food, security etc.

Confronted with every false security, the government, the fund, the investment, the savings, the relationship the…. suddenly realising that what our parents told us, were indeed true. The only thing that really matters, is your health and therefor, your breath, that which keeps you on this earth.

We are relieved of duties, constrained to homes, with the people you call loved ones, but maybe the relationship only survives because you are mostly absent.

Ultimately the shifts will have to be within. The circumstances of every human being will provide the ingredients we need to grow, to shift, to take responsibility, to decide.  

And all we know at the moment, is that we have no clue what tomorrow will bring. In this moment we need to be the best we can be. To act in love and respect and to trust that we are fine right now.

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