Mercury retro…

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Hi Everybody!Apologies for being quiet… Mercury is retrograde after all, 😉 We are dealing with crazy energies, buzzing, distracting.6 planets in Aquarius, this happened last in 1962…A lot of air, info…decide, take the plunge, the opportunity…but what? Where? When?Crazy it … Continued

Mars and Uranus.

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Mars and Uranus in Taurus, squaring Jupiter and Saturn; Annali Swiegers 20 Jan 2021 Words befitting this energy would be: shocks, fight, rage, disruptions, money, values, what we own, stubbornness, earthquakes, separation, speaking truth, opportunity for change, new ways to … Continued

First new Moon of 2021

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Happy new Moon Everybody!The 1st one of 2021. The Sun, Moon and Pluto are conjunct/together…It is an energy of shedding the old and rebuilding the future.Remember on new Moon, she is completely dark for a short while, some things end.Pluto’s … Continued

Mars at critical degree!

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Hey Everyone!You might know by now that Mars stayed in Aries for 6 months. That is quite a bit longer than normal, he went retrograde and talked to the dreaded stelium… created a lot of fight and havoc.Mars is ambition, … Continued

Personalised info!

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Hi Everybody!Hope you are well on this Virgo Moon day!I constantly wanted to Spring clean on one of the hottest days… and then i realized why! During 2020 i started the Short to Support service, a 15 minute chat on … Continued

Stap onder 2020 uit!

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Annali Swiegers 31e Dit was ‘n on-jaar… ek glo nie iemand kan met daai waarheid stry nie? Kyk vir oulaas om en gooi dankieblye op 2020 se spore. Dankiebly vir dit wat nie gebeur het nie, en dit wat wel … Continued

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