Full Moon in Cancer!

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Happy Full Moon in Cancer Everyone!
We started 2020 with one and we end 2020 with one.
It is as if we are inspired to let this year go… to treasure the “family” you belong to but to accept what is and build on that.
Whether it is how you wanted it or not, there is a reason and a gift in everything.
The Moon made a contact with Mercury and Uranus.
Time to seriously trust your instincts and not follow all you hear or belief.
We are changing direction, that is a fact. Little of what we trusted stayed the same or can be trusted. We are challenged to take responsibility for our own; doings, reactions, choices, relationships, wellbeing and safety, etc!
The top down era is fading, time to listen with and to your inner ear and Knowing, rather than the news or some external authority.
Cancer is the womb of Creation!
Let’s create individually a better year with love and responsibility.
I believe that 1 of the biggest messages of 2020 was exactly that!
Be responsible! Trust your higher Voice!
Always love and Light, ♏💜

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