Good news, at last!

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A little Good news!!

Saturn left Capricorn after 3 years in the sign of business, authority, rewards and also the lack of such!
He taught us harsh lessons, especially in 2020.
Enforcing lockdown, responsibility and boundaries on us.

But… the energy is releasing!
The Moon was in Capricorn the last couple of days, causing stuck and ‘depro’ vibes to the extreme.
She left at 9am and entered Aquarius with Saturn.

Jupiter is still in Capricorn and at the critical 29th degree…
Social distance, opportunities are held back, travel is constricted but…

Jupiter leaves the 21st to join Saturn in Aquarius for the 1st time in 800 years! The grand conjunction!!

Sloooowly but surely… we are progressing towards a new normal.

Be safe! Stay mindful. ♏💜

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