Happy Solstice!

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Jupiter/Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius.

By An-fold on 21 December 2020 

This great conjunction happens on the same day as Solstice.

The first time together in 20 years, the first time together in Aquarius, in 600 years. That is huge and must mean something significant…

To start of with in this year of tremendous weirdness, I think we can all acknowledge that there has been change, a lot of it and it is personal.

Here are some of the meanings;

Saturn was in Capricorn for 2 and a half years, we learned about responsibility, rules, control and hierarchies. He entered Aquarius briefly early this year to announce social distancing and put a hold on air travelling. Then he retrograded back into Capricorn to enforce a lot of restrictions and difficulty.

He is now back in Aquarius, the sign of the future, support, friends, the group.

We know the rules now, we see that we need to take responsibility for ourselves and be supportive but lean on our own spine. Lead by example, not carry each other.

Aquarius is an air sign; Take responsibility for your reaction on life. True freedom lies within and is the benefit of doing the right thing.

Saturn in Aquarius will show that technology has a wonderful place but can never replace real human interaction.

We are leaving the top – down order, entering a time where the individual must take responsibility for his own life and progress. Find the authority within and trust your inner compass.

When we take responsibility for our own… there is no one to be blamed for anything but yourself. That is true freedom. Do the work, accept the limitations and be creative with it.

Aquarius, ruled by Uranus is non-judgmental, they have a lot of room for people’s weirdness. They understand how to be a humanitarian without carrying someone.

We are supported with a wonderful Ghandi energy: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

We need a paradigm shift, a fundamental change in approach. The fight will be within, our limiting belief systems need to change.

Autonomy is the keyword. Stop expecting the establishment to provide, do as much as you can for yourself, be the change…

Jupiter in Aquarius on the very beginning of the sign, taking hands with Saturn; Bringing the opportunity to build a new world with integrity. To collaborate but be independent and not lean on each other. Respectful and responsible.

We need each other but we must never use the other.

Saturn and Jupiter together at 0 degrees Aquarius; consolidate your losses. Do not drag your awful past into the future. Pluto stayed behind in Capricorn, thank God, let it go!

To know where this happens on your chart, you know where to find me.

Happy Solstice and check out the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the horizon tonight at 9pm, in the East if you are in SA. It is the closest we will get to a Bethlehem star, announcing the age of Aquarius. Leaving behind the age of Pisces, the victim and the marterer!  

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