Pluto… compost!

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The picture in my mind is a monopoly board game, with all the players and little houses, hotels, money etc, and then it gets picked up and shaked. Nothing more frustrating when that happens, everything a mess, everyone upset and fed up. That is how 2020 feels… The non-diary year where everything is ‘non-sense’.

The fact of the astrology matter is that Pluto shakes and breaks down whatever he touches, making compost, planting seeds. Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign of business, money, status, authority, masculine energy.

Pluto is the transformer, he rules governments, power, endings and new beginnings. A karma planet, the things you cannot resist, you have to surrender to it and transform or suffer.

We see all of this happening in the world. Jupiter just left a conjunction/close-together aspect to Pluto. Jupiter expands everything he touches, bringing the opportunity to heal, to progress. But at the moment we see a lot of falling apart and breaking down. Secrets/Pluto being exposed/Jupiter.

In my humble opinion; We have to do better on all levels, if we resist, it will become traumatic. There is method in the madness, there is opportunity in the endings. It is crazy, we do not know when, what and how it is going to progress but we can be sure that it will go on, in a new way.

My personal belief is that there has been a lot of Light and insight for those who are conscious and who wants to see a new beginning that is beneficial to all and mother earth.

Once you know, you can never not know… on the most basic level, everyone on earth has been touched by Corona.

The conscious ones are planting and inventing and progressing.          

We live history!

Where is this happening for you personally? It can be in any of the 12 houses on your chart and knowledge is power. You know where to find me…

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